Malaa, 20

Aloha! its only human to have aspirations and dreams…Her interests lay in dancing and the arts…And of course her big time DREAM is doing a live performance dance with animals such as snakes, chameleons, black leopards,tigers.. somehow in the back of her head she know this can be done..The person who inspires Malaa is Criss Angel..he always says ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! to achieve this performance one must be able to control the mind and fear…

Personally few years back Malaa used to be very scared of anything reptile…Goosebumps would appear if someone were to speak about snakes..however it was one of her friend who slowly erased the fear by taking her to see snakes and touching them that eventually the fear dissapeared completely and that today she can go as long as incorporating reptiles in her dances…Today she is slowly learning to do performance with them.. She feel blessed to know people who work with these wonderful creatures..As of now she is still working to achieve mind control…and hopefully with blessings from above she can NAIL this in time to come…

Rukundo Sarah currently pursuing  a degree in mass communication majoring in media studies with an age of 21 years.

When she look back when she was a little girl, she remember all the different dreams she had running through her head, dreams like being a movie star or being a musician yet she knew that she had such an ordinary voice. You all know all the different dream you had when your were children says Sarah. But as you grow up ,your dreams begin to change in order to atleast start making more and more sense, some of these huge dreams start fading away she mentioned. The dream she is about to tell is a dream she never withdrew and this a dream she hope to accomplish someday.

Let’s skip the history and talk about Sarah’s dream. The questions we all move with every day is “what next?” in our lives. After all, we can never change the past but we can instead make good use of the future. She is a communication student majoring in media studies. and this is the second semester of  her first year, she have 2 more years to go which she perfectly intend to complete with great honors and joy

On completion of my degree, she intend to start off immediately with her masters in production which she have already started applying for at florida state university (college of motion pictures) and other different universities . Because  a dream that is not started today is never finished tomorrow she says . This masters will be hopefully a two year course, then other than just relaxing during her masters, She will as well start making good use of her degree in mass communicationby applying for different jobs all on telvision. On completion of this masters, she will immediately look for a full time job on television there by getting  money and more working experience. In this career, she also intend to strive harder and make sure am able to be a presenter on a broadcasting television . this will provide more and more experience. Then will hopefully later on start her very own talk show in Africa such as the tyra banks show or the oprah Winfred show which will air on different broadcasting networks in her country. And years later with more experience and more connections not forgetting excessive finances, she can be able to open up her very own television broadcasting network in her country. Unlike Malaysia which is lucky to have many different broadcasting channels ,in her country we currently have only one national broadcasting  network and God  only knows how stale and boring it is.

In conclusion, the dream picture in 15-20 years is that she hope to have a talk show that broadcasts in the 53  independent states of Africa. She hope to have her very own television network in her country which is, Rwanda. And she  also hope to open up her very own good and quality cinemas just as you have your own golden screen cinemas. Her invariable mark of this dream is to see it come true.

Jason, 20

“It’s not the matter of skills but it’s the matter of mutual understanding and trust “, this is once told by someone to Jason. Most people will think of this, what circumstances will this be useful? Studies? Sports? or projects? Well, frankly speaking it is all applicable to all situations said by Jason. However, where he got this phrase is from online games, to be exact would be First Person Shooting Online games. The phrase actually said by Jason’s squad leader inside the game. He is a working adult if not mistaken working as project managers but he still have the passion for online games. He recruited me to his squad because once in the game I do not care about the death or score of mine covering teammates and of course he told me this, said by Jason. Jason accepted the offer. And being inside the squad they often play a team of 5 compete with other squad. Their squad leader keep remind them that ranks and items do not determine the outcome of the battle but teamwork will do.

Jason’s interest toward the games increased not because mainly the game but the teamwork they used in there and even discipline they are practicing there. Maybe he is a fans of teamwork, where he mostly interested in any activities used teamwork. Therefore, he had a dream once and now that one day he would have his own squad in any FPS online games practicing teamwork and discipline there even when he is working in the future. “It might seems easy but however to get a person to listen to you is the toughest job ever. And my former leader did it”, says Jason.

Another reason he put it as his interest or aim would be,

  • First of all would be teamwork and discipline. It can be gained through daily gaming with squad mates. Respecting people in command and try to keep own pride.
  • Next would be enhancing communication skills. Because when they are playing we always make use of online messenger, Skype to deliver info to others. Because in games everything happened within a few seconds, so message must be clear and specific enough.
  • Follow by improve logical thinking and critical thinking. Before this he did mention communication meant for deliver information to all squad mates. However delivering message certainly must make use of logical thinking. Try your best guess what is opponent next move.
  • Last but not least would be strategy and use some mind teasing tricks or known as Psychological attack. Make use of surrounding or try to make enemy fall into your tricks. Eventually it will be closely related to use of critical thinking in the communication.

Hold on! That’s not the end. Jason also considering the dreams of travelling around the world to taste various types of coffee since he is quite a coffee lover. Coffee is somehow related to culture of the society and a one-of-a-kind art he says.


Tan Chee Wei, 20

Chee Wei is a girl that interested in Chinese Calligraphy and cooking. She learned Chinese Calligraphy during her primary school and always assists her mum for the preparation of dinner. She also loves to watch live tournament of badminton. Once, she went for Thomas Cup 2010 and Malaysian Super Series 2011. She is totally in the environment whereby the fans from all over the world roars for idols.

In primary school, she dreams of being a teacher simply because she likes to mark books. This sounds ridiculous but it is true, she said. Besides that, doctor and lawyer were also some of the ambitions that she dream of as those are common ambitions introduced by the primary school teacher. She like to watch dramas n movies during my free time, this make her to dream of any roles in the dramas and movies which she think is cool. One of the most famous Hong Kong drama series ‘Triumph in the Sky’ had make me dream of being a stewardess. This is because she think being a stewardess can help me to realize my dream which is travel to all over the world.

Furthermore, she also dream of being a Minister of Education as she is unsatisfied with the current Malaysia Education System. However as time goes by, her current dream now is to be a housewife and have a happy family in the future, prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper for her husband and family. She knows it doesn’t suits the norms for these modern days as women should have their own career and be able to stand on their own feet. However, she feels that it is a great pleasure if she could accomplished my job as housewife and she would like to do homeschooling for her future children.

There is a Chinese idiom which says that in the very fundamental characteristic of human, is always being kindness. She strongly believe in that. Yes, we do have weaknesses, and in fact human characteristics are mostly affected or shaped by their environment factors she said. Therefore, she would like to pursue her career as a counselor or psychologist with to hope to help people in resolving their problem.